Born a Hoosier, graduated high school a Green Mountain Boy and a Granite Stater for over 55 years. Seated on Ways and Means in the oldest continually used, full-time State House in the nation in the Live Free or Die State. 

Previously I graduated from St. Anselm College with a degree in Political Science (classical), became one of the first Registered EMTs and then Paramedics in the Northeast. Following service to others I then did insurance fraud investigation for a bit for more than a decade. I still run a tiny business helping law firms and banks notify people of events to which they had best pay attention. 

In addition to real work, volunteer activities include serving in the New Hampshire General Court as a Representative (hey, for $100.00/yr that is volunteering, right?) since 2004; serving on the town planning board and as a State Officer for the NH State Council, Knights of Columbus. Married for 52 years with two sons and a bunch of grandchildren.