What is the PCC?

The PCC is an important representative body of all fifty states that serves to further the role of federalism with our federal constitutional structure.  It is a governmental entity created by the states.

It is comprised to be a total of 100 permanent delegates – one from each legislative chamber of most states, and two delegates from Nebraska as the sole unicameral state legislature.

The PCC was specifically created by the 2017 convention of states in Phoenix, Arizona to continue the work of the 2017 convention to plan and be a mechanism for recommending to Congress a time and place for calling a future Article V convention, and to perform all of the functions necessary to accomplish this convention – including being a forum of communication between all of the states.

The Origins of the PCC

The PCC was created by the first nationwide convention of states since 1861, when Arizona, under HCR 2027 (2017), called for a convening of states in September 2017 in Phoenix for the purpose of planning an upcoming Article V convention.  This had been the first nationwide convening of all states since 1861, which was chaired by former President John Tyler to prevent a civil war between the states.

The convention was held September 12-15, 2017 in Phoenix.  Prior to its convening, an invitation went out to legislative leadership in all fifty states inviting them to appoint delegates to attend the convention.  The stated purpose of the convention was to create a proposed set of rules for adoption by and to govern a future Article V convention.  Additionally, delegates were instructed to address the logistics involved in preparing for and participating in an upcoming Article V convention.

Closing Remarks at the 2017 Convention

Purpose/Duties of the PCC

(1) The PCC monitors the progress of passage of Article V resolutions by the states; (2) Serves as a committee for correspondence between the states, Congress and the people; (3) Creates a mechanism for making a recommendation to Congress; (4) and Performs ancillary tasks to its charge as will assist in the calling of a future convention.

The Origin of the Logo

The symbolism of the PCC “Phoenix” logo has two meanings.  First, the convening conventions where all states were called in 2017, and which created the PCC, was held in Phoenix, Arizona. Secondly, the Phoenix is a mythical creature which rises from its own ashes reborn for new life.

The Phoenix bird symbolizes immortality, resurrection and life after death, and in ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology it is associated with the sun god. According to the Greeks, the bird lives in Arabia, near a cool well.

The Phoenix stands for fresh beginnings – The Phoenix is said to die and then be reborn, which means that it rejuvenates. However, it also represents the concept of death being the beginning of another beginning. The mythical bird is often used as a symbol for new beginnings, hope, and positivity.