November 28, 2023

To Whom It May Concern,

The State of Utah is nationally recognized for its fiscal conservatism, including a balanced
budget passed annually by the Utah Legislature, which contributes to the state’s prosperous
economy and long-term economic health. The same cannot be said for the United States
government. Time and time again, our federal leaders have failed to cut spending, balance
budgets, or place the best interests of the U.S. taxpayers ahead of political hubris.

Our country now faces a deficit crisis once thought inconceivable but entirely predictable. For
years, the states, including Utah, have submitted applications under Art. V of the U.S.
Constitution calling for a convention for proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution to
address Congress’s fiscal irresponsibility. Unfortunately, Congress has not responded. By failing
to account for the applications and call a convention, Congress has violated its constitutional
mandate and subverted the states’ equal right to propose constitutional amendments.

We strongly believe in the importance of defending the legitimate role of the states and the
liberty of our people from the federal government’s ongoing abuses of power. We, the majority
leaders of the Utah Legislature, believe it is in the state’s best interests to join together as states
in thoughtful and deliberate dialogue about legal options and an optimal path forward. No longer
can the states, or the country afford for Congress to ignore its constitutional duties or continue its
unfettered spending.

The language of Art. V must not be rendered meaningless by Congress’s inaction. We look
forward to working with our fellow states in pursuit of respecting and protecting the states’ role
in amending the U.S. Constitution.


President J. Stuart Adams Speaker Mike Schultz
Utah Senate Utah House of Representative